Burulaşta Collective Agreement Joy

Burulaşta Collective Agreement Joy: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, working in BURULAŞ 270 people, according to the agreement signed between the Railway Workers Union, the first year of the first year of BURULAŞ'dan salaries will increase by an increase of 6 pounds.

The collective bargaining negotiations between BURULAŞ and the Railway Workers Union resulted in a consensus after the traffic. Hüseyin Kaya, the Secretary General of the Railway Workers Union and the President of the Adapazarı Branch, Cemal Yaman, also spoke at the signing ceremony attended by BURULAŞ Levent Fidansoy. Emphasizing that BURULAŞ is working with a private sector approach from a public institution, Fidansoy said, fazla I believe that everyone will perform more after that and we will get better results for Bursa and transportation ın.

Hüseyin Kaya, the Secretary General of the Railway Workers' Union, mentioned the importance of signing the agreement with the consent of the parties. Kaya also expressed that the worst contract signed with the common will of the parties on the table is beneficial from the best agreement signed except for the common will, and thanked General Director Levent Fidansoy for the positive and constructive attitude of BURULAŞ during the negotiations. Kaya, "the agreement both BURULAS General Directorate and our trade union members would like to bring a charity," he said.

Cemal Yaman, President of the Adapazari Branch of the Railway Workers' Union, expressed his happiness for signing an 10 agreement with BURULAŞ over the 5 year. 2003 3 General Manager since the 190 seen in each agreement and they have acquired much better conditions than before, stating that Yaman, "the gross XNUMX increase in pounds is not less," he said.

According to the collective bargaining agreement, the salaries of BURULAŞ staff will be increased by gross 6 for the first 190 month of the first year. The agreement, which will be valid between 1 May 2014 and 3 April 2016, for the second 6 month of the first year, the CPI rate hike, the second year for the first 6 month with the ratio of the CPI 1 points to the prosperity of the share, the second year of the second 6 for the month of the CPI rate hike. Welcoming the collective agreement, BURULAŞ staff celebrated the new contract by cutting pastries.



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