Bursalılar protesting transportation hikes at metro station

📩 25/11/2018 20:21

Bursalılar protest in the metro station transportation hikes: Bursalılar, public transportation services, the hike in front of the metro station protested.

The repercussions of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's increase in public transportation services by 8 percent to 12 percent continue. The transportation hikes approved by Bursa Transportation Coordination Center affiliated to Bursa Transportation Inc. have officially entered into force today. The full ticket price in the Zamlı tariff increased from 1 lira 75 kuruş to 1 lira 90 kuruş in Bursaray. In tariff 3, the transportation fee will increase from 1 lira to 80 kurus to 2 lira, and from 5 lira 1 kurus to 95 lira 2 kurus in tariff 20. The changes to be made in the discounted tickets are from 1 lira 20 kurus to 1 lira 30 kuruş in Bursaray, the most common and most preferred bus lines, 3 lira 1 kurus instead of 20 lira 1 kurus in tariff 35, 5 lira 1 kurus in tariff 30. 1 lira was determined as 45 kuruş.

A group of young people, members of CHP Bursa Provincial Youth Branch, gathered in front of Osmangazi Metro Station at noon to protest the hike prices. CHP Bursa Youth Branch Vice President Yağızcan Yücel Çendik said, “The importance of public transportation in today's world is known in terms of urbanism and environmentalism. Public transportation is trivialized and devalued by the efforts of those trying to fill their shoe boxes. The right of transportation, which is one of the building blocks of modern urbanism, cannot be sold. We invite the municipal administrators who look for Bursa from their official vehicles to withdraw this hike. What is the minimum wage in Turkey is 846 pounds. With the increase in public transportation, the monthly subscription fee was 145 TL. The subscription fee corresponds to 20 percent of the salary of a worker working with the minimum wage. We warn those who force our people to bad living conditions; The transportation hike should be taken back. " he spoke.

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