Pay attention to these roads in Bursa

Pay attention to these roads in Bursa: Due to the road works carried out by the Highways in Bursa and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, there is a narrowing of lanes on some roads.
1. As the lane narrowing has been made due to road widening and arrangement works on the Bursa - Orhaneli Highway and Bursa-Izmir Highway routes and the construction of the İrfaniye bridge intersection, traffic is controlled in the work areas.
2. As part of Bursa-Ankara Yolu rail system construction works, strip narrowing is made due to road arrangement and asphalting works.
3. Due to the Samanlı crossroad junction works of the Eastern ring road, a narrowing of the strip is made in the vicinity of the eastern ring road.
4. Paving works will be carried out in Eflan Street of Erikli District in Yıldırım District.
5. Odunluk İnkaya Road Bent Street route is being striped due to paving works.
6. Mudanya district, Bademli district, Education Street, excavation and fill works due to strip narrowing is done.
7. Osmangazi District, Demirtaş Cumhuriyet District, İnönü Street Small Industry 2. The intersection of the street intersects the strip.
8- Wastewater collector work will be carried out at Gemlik Mustafa Kamel Atatürk Kordonu. Traffic flow will be provided from the street number 2 in the direction of Narlı and from the streets number 1 in the direction of Bursa.
9- Çalı Mahallesi Bursa Cad. Sewage and stormwater works will be carried out on 17 Eylül Street. The road will be partially closed and the traffic will be controlled from the alternative route.
10-Bursa Peripheral Road Samanlı Junction Bridge Road will be manufactured, traffic control will be provided from the alternative route.
Drivers are required to comply with urban speed limits and to have a controlled journey, to be careful and sensitive in the routes of study, to comply with traffic signs and markers, and to prefer alternative routes indicated by information signs.



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