Bursa Governor Munir Karaloglu: If we need to cut the tree for the cable car, we will cut it

Governor Münir Karaloğlu: If you need to cut the tree for the cable car, keseriz.Uludağ'ın in terms of use of the mother-in-law of the Governor of Bursa Munir Karaloğlu said, m We need to use Uludağ with today's features. There's a balance of protection you use, but now we're out of use, some of the protection is exaggerating. "We do not want," he says. We call him a ropeway; “We don't need to da, we will do the road yenil there is no need for a road ük, we will renew the hotel” and we would not like it “. Then Uludağ has no use for anyone. Dağ

Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu, Turkey Ski Federation attended the introductory meeting of the project. Turkey Ski Federation organized by Corwin Plaza hotel Karaloğlu Speaking at the meeting, the City's skiing, ski lifts, although the city the first in many areas, such as the first mountain hotel always go backwards, he said. Especially in the winter and ski tourism in Karaloğlu underlines that the city has significant potential, not just in Uludag Bursa, Turkey, and said that the world is a value.

Governor Karaloğlu stated that Uludağ, who had a multi-feature mountain, had many mother-in-law in terms of usage and said: ası We have to use Uludağ with its characteristics. There's a balance of protection to use, but now we've given up without using it, some of it is exaggerating. "We do not want," he says. We call him a ropeway; “We don't need to da, we will do the road otel there is no need for a road yol, we will renew the hotel yok e not want him“. Then Uludağ has no use for anyone. Dağ

Uludag's nature and endemic species should be used to protect the underscoring Münir Karaloğlu, said: "You can not cut trees to make a cable car," he says. Forest renews itself. Every tree in the forest has a certain age, as you have in every living thing. If it doesn't take you, it will decompose spontaneously. What is important is that you plan to replace the tree you cut in the forest? Don't sew? Tree cuts for the ski lift, I say, brother, do you use paper? Do you read the newspaper? yes I'm reading. He was cut from the tree and the tree. Tan


Vali Karaloğlu, said: orsa If we need to cut trees for the cable car, we cut it in the balance of use protection. But we will plant more of it somewhere else. Someone thinks he loves Uludag more than any of us. No, they don't like Uludag. We need to establish this balance Bu

Karaloğlu, who also congratulated the President of the Skiing Federation, Erol Yarar, who started his new career, concluded his remarks by saying: ol We have to do the right things. I am the Governor of Bursa 9 month. I came, I said I visited the regions, let us aspire to 2026. Why 2026? 2026 700 of the Conquest of Bursa. Year. 2026 also progresses periodically in the winter Olympics. But this would be a candidate xnumx'y to Turkey in Bursa. Let's deal with this already. If we're talented to 2026, let's go over Bursa. Bursa is ready for this. Bursa

State Ski Nations Hand in Hand Turkey Summit "that they started out with the slogan of Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits; "There are provinces 48 skiing can be done in Turkey, Bursa tops of these provinces. If we ask why skiing as a development project; The only sport that can be done for a family and provides a regional development is skiing. bil

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