Boğaziçi Students Follow Istanbul's Traffic

Boğaziçi Students Follow Istanbul Traffic: Boğaziçi University Traffic Control Center, which Boğaziçi University put into practice together with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was opened.
Traffic Control Center Project for universities "scope established at Bogazici University Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory, the basic and applied transportation research with the data, is intended to be grown in the future of transportation engineers that brings feature first venture in Turkey. Laboratories will offer innovative solutions to the traffic problem in Istanbul with smart transportation systems.
Within the scope of the "Traffic Control Center Laboratories for Universities" project carried out by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İbb) in partnership with universities, the "Boğaziçi University Traffic Control Center" was opened. Faculty members and students will be able to develop traffic solutions and projects by conducting applied tests, researches and academic studies in the small-scale models of the Traffic Control Center, where the Traffic Control Center manages traffic using smart transportation systems.
The opening ceremony was held by Boğaziçi University Rector Prof. The laboratory built by Gülay Barbarosoğlu and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Directorate officials will be open to the use of Boğaziçi University faculty and students. Working in coordination with the Traffic Control Center, laboratories were established with the support of the Istanbul Development Agency.
Students and research assistants will work voluntarily in the laboratory established in the South Campus of Boğaziçi University with the contributions of the Istanbul Development Agency of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Students who first received training in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Control Center; After the training here, he will have the opportunity to use tools such as traffic analysis, modeling and computer-based simulation in the laboratory at the university. Research topics are; It covers many applications of Intelligent Transportation Systems such as event detection algorithms, lane control systems, dynamic speed limit, traffic signaling and public transport lanes. Students will convey the projects and studies they have developed for the fields they work in to the relevant units.
The laboratory will also focus on research and reporting of new technologies in transportation, routing to alternative routes, accident warning systems and emergency traffic management systems. On the one hand, students who have the opportunity to reinforce their knowledge through practical trainings will also contribute to the public works as a result of their research and investigations in the laboratory.
In addition to technical investigations and project development, laboratories will also explore issues of driver and pedestrian behavior and the effects of traffic control equipment on driver and pedestrian psychology in order to solve transportation and traffic problems.
Bogazici University Traffic Control Center within the body of the university kazanStating that it paved the way for the students of the Faculty of Engineering to reinforce their theoretical knowledge in a practical way, Assist. Assoc. Dr. Ilgın Gökaşar stated that the laboratory established within the university will both provide a solution to the traffic problem in Istanbul and contribute to the development of students.

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