Mayor Yılmazer: I'm going to sleep in a level cross

Mayor Yılmazer: I still sleep in a level crossing. Aydın Yılmazer opposed the Kırkpınar level crossing due to the High Speed ​​Train works.

Speaking at the AK Party Sapanca District Advisory Council, Sapanca Mayor Aydın Yılmazer said, "As the President, if necessary, I will lie on the crossing but still not close it," so that the construction of the YHT between Ankara and Istanbul is not closed until the end of the Kırkpınar level crossing, the bridge construction.

Stating that the level crossing should be open in order not to be victimized by the tradesmen by the lake, Dr. Yılmazer also expressed the same request at the June Assembly meeting of Sapanca Municipality. President Yılmazer said that he objected to the DDY officials who demanded the closure of the existing level crossing until the end of the bridge construction in Kırkpınar.

President Yılmazer said, “After the overpass work in Kırkpınar is completed, the level crossing will be closed. However, there are many slips in the soil of the area where the work is done in Kırkpınar. Therefore, the studies took a long time. "The ground is worse than expected," he said.



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