President Babas Kastamonu again on the agenda of the cable car project

Kastamonu President of the cable car project again took to the agenda: Kastamonu Municipality planned to be between the Castle and the Clock Tower, but the Supreme Council of the High Board of the shelter sheltered in the absence of permission, the project came to the agenda of the municipality.
The Teleferic Project, which was designed by Tahsin Babaş and his team while he was the Director of Science Affairs in Kastamonu Municipality, was shelved when there was no permission from the High Council of Monuments. 30 Mart Local Administrations After the election of Mayor Tahsin Father, previously prepared the work of the cable car again on the agenda has begun work.
In this context, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş has commissioned a special team in Kastamonu Municipality for the restoration work of historical places and planned urban transformation in Kastamonu.
Atilla Alkan, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Head of Research and Development Department, Historic Environment Protection Manager Cem Eriş, Urban Design Manager Ali Ergün, Mehmet Fatih, Chief of Development Directorate, Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Abdullah Özdemir, Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering Team, came to Kastamonu. found visits and visits. First of all, the team visited the historical and touristic places of the city and then made observations in the regions where urban transformation would be made. Mayor Tahsin Babaş, accompanied by the Deputy Mayor of the municipality, Ahmet Sevgilioğlu, followed an evaluation meeting.
The cable car project, which was presented to the High Council of Monuments, was re-launched. In terms of cultural tourism, it was argued that the ropeway project should be made absolutely. The Teleferic Project, which is planned to be built between Kastamonu Castle and the Clock Tower, will be about 430 meters long and 724 meters above ground in 30 hectares. The cable car system is planned to be constructed as a state-of-the-art system, the 6x3x2 group gondola, a single rope-circulating fixed-clamp drive, a turn station. With the system 4 can be moved to 20 people per hour with an 460 seconds travel time per minute. The approximate cost of the project is around 3,5 million pounds Pro.
In the meeting, Mayor Tahsin Babaş talked about the importance of historical and touristic places and faith tourism in the city.
Tahsin Babaş stated that there are 20 or 30 rooms in Kastamonu and these mansions must be restored and said, bulundu Kastamonu is a city with richer and more diverse than the guests of Safranbolu. No guests in Kastamonu in Turkey unique. However, in Safranbolu, these historical mansions were taken under protection and this became a cultural city. We are quite late and we are left behind. We want to speed it up, Bunu he said.
Mayor of Kastamonu Municipality has not restored any mansion so far, said Mayor Babas, Bel So we want to do a lot of work in a short time. We want to reconstruct the city by producing concrete projects that our people can see. So we want to start from a place to stand up our historical assets. For this purpose, we expect technical and project support from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality teams. Bun
Tahsin Babaş explained that there is a fund for the historical houses and mansions from the Special Provincial Administration, and that this fund has never been used until now. Let's prepare projects in areas where houses and mansions are dense. First of all, implement these projects and let our citizens see what we want to do. He will then make demands upon seeing these works. Hopefully we will see the great benefits of Urban Transformation work here. We will eliminate the distorted urbanization and reveal more historical sites. In this way, we will have attracted tourists to the city. To see these mansions and historical sites, tourists will want to come to our city. . This will provide additional benefit to our tradesmen and tradesmen, such as the chimney industry ı.
In addition, Tahsin Babaş stated that there were projects that were planned previously and could not be implemented until today. We have places. We want to implement these projects in the near future. We are also aiming to demolish the old town hall and to make a very modern and prosperous place. In this way, we will be able to reveal its appearance in the historical places there. Apart from this, we would like to buy 1000 hostages as a municipality and to restore these mansions. In this way, the historical feature of the city will be revealed Bu
Mayor of the city of Babas, the city should be introduced without specifying the need to introduce the city, they will enter into a study in this direction and the natural beauty of Kastamonu intention will give intense introductions to faith tourism said.
The team from Istanbul gave information about the projects that should be done in the city and the projects that should be done soon after listening to the Mayor Babas. Atilla Alkan, Head of Projects Department of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, said that they would put up a concrete project in the near future and they could also have facade cladding works in some streets. Alkan also stated that there is a traffic problem in the city, and that they will do a study to find a solution to this issue and that some regions are pedestrianized.
Upon this, Mayor Tahsin Babaş stated that they have been working with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İSBAK) for traffic, 3-4 for years and said: ahs We have no alternative way. We have signaled all over the city. That's stopping traffic. First of all, I have projects under the name of East and West boulevards that we prepared during the election period for the alternative way. We are working to implement this project. If we don't have an alternative road project, the traffic in the city will be jammed again after a while. That's why we will move the historic houses and mansions to another region and implement the West Boulevard Project. I hope this project, when the city's traffic problem will be eliminated ata

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