Balçova Cable Car Line 8 Closed for Years

Balçova Cable Car Line has been Closed for 8 Years: AK Party Balçova District Chairman Temel Yıldırım addressed the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Aziz Kocaoğlu, and asked the Balçova Municipality, which was seized with the September 12 military coup, to return the properties to Balçova.

Yıldırım said, "Does Kocaoğlu, who wants the properties of the Special Provincial Administration, think of returning the properties of Balçova, which were seized in the September 12 coup, almost seized?" she asked. Pointing out that Darbeciler Kenan Evren and Tahsin Şahinkaya were tried and found guilty, Yıldırım said that the quadrillion facilities and lands belonging to Balçova, especially Balçova Dam, Cable Car Facilities and Grand Plaza Hotel, should be transferred to Balçova Municipality as soon as possible.

Stating that the ropeway facilities owned by the Metropolitan Municipality and the equipment and lands around it have been abandoned to their fate, Yıldırım said Balçova Cable Car Facilities have been closed for about 8 years. Around the facility, the motels and social facilities with magnificent sea views, which were started in 1973 and completed in 1980 to a great extent, are left to decay. In an interview with a newspaper, Metropolitan Mayor Azizi Kocaoğlu emphasized that the facilities and the region are invaluable in terms of tourism and admitted that they did not have time to deal with this place. We say that they should hand over the facilities that are obviously not interested in Balçova. Balçovalı will take care of it, ”he said.

📩 25/11/2018 20:40

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