Arus Company Trips Started within the Scope of the National Train Project

National Train Project, Arus Company Trips Started: 4 In June 2014, TUSD and its Subsidiaries TULOMSAS, TÜVASAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ National Train Production, ARUS started to visit the company.

TCDD and its Subsidiaries TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ started the company trips on the 24 June 2014 as part of the National Train Production.

Firstly, Mege Teknik, TELMEK, Özdekan Kauçuk, İnovasis, Gökser Makina, Ostim Technology Center, Günebakan Rail Systems, Strong Metal Goods Industry and Eymak-Das Lager Bearing Companies were visited to get information about their production.

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