New strips open on Antray route

New lanes are opened on the Antray route: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality teams started to open new lanes to some points on the Antray route in order to ease the traffic.
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System Department of Traffic Branch Directorate teams, continues to work to ease the traffic in Antalya. Metropolitan teams, at some points parallel to the tram by opening new lanes to prevent traffic jam.
The teams opened a new lane in Şarampol Caddesi, Tonguç Caddesi Junction, Atatürk State Hospital Crossroads. The road from Işıklar Street to Sampi Junction was widened by one more lane to relieve the traffic.
Metropolitan Municipality teams covered the traffic lights on Cumhuriyet Street with LED lighting in Cumhuriyet Square, which is mostly visited by tourists.


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