The way to Antalya-Alanya

The ordeal route between Antalya and Alanya: Regional Director of Highways Şenol Altıok, Antalya-Alanya, some of which are signaled, including a total of 100 intersection, the length of travel due to the number of intersections, he said.
about 155 kilometer road between Antalya-Alanya, the longest in all state roads in Turkey, which is 2 thousand 57-mile D-400 is located on the highway. The road connecting the historical and touristic places between the city center and Alanya, especially the 5-star hotels, has become a road of suffering for drivers.
Intersections were made according to need
Highways Regional Manager Şenol Altıok said that there are 100 intersections between Antalya and Alanya. Reminding that the density of vehicles increased during the tourism season, Altıok stated that according to the counts in 2012, more than 70 thousand vehicles using the road in transit alone used the road. Şenol Altıok stated that while there should be a junction every 3 kilometers on intercity roads according to the standards, there is a junction almost every 1.5 kilometers between Antalya and Alanya. But the Antalya-Alanya road does not work like an intercity road. Since we have to enter and exit touristic facilities and settlements, our criterion there is to build a junction between 50-1500 meters. Therefore, the number of our intersections is not much, they are designed according to the needs ”.
Stating that the travel time exceeds 2 hours from Antalya to Alanya exit by making a stop-and-go at intersections, some of which are signaled, Altıok said: “Normally, we have to travel 155 kilometers easily in 1.5 hours, but we lose 45 minutes. There is only one way to do this. You will either make an alternative route or make those intersections with different levels. But it is not possible to turn 100 of the 100 intersections into intersections with different levels or bridges. This is not possible due to environmental influences. The city is settled, you cannot make a random road from the bottom to the top. And this is a touristic road. It is beneficial for some people to go slow. But people from Ankara and Istanbul's metropolises want to come to Alanya. We are building the northern ring road to solve this. "
Explaining that the density increased with the inclusion of local traffic in the transit traffic between Antalya and Alanya, Şenol Altıok said, “In other words, people have to use this road when going from Manavgat to Alanya, from the towns of Alanya to the city center. However, when you consider the settlement between Alanya and Manavgat, there should be different alternative roads, zoning routes or tourism routes. These roads should be made by the municipalities. There is an example of this in Antalya; There is a touristic route between Lara-Kundu. Perhaps this may exceed the size of the municipalities. But there must be connection roads between settlements and D-400. "The municipalities may have insufficient facilities due to the rapid growth of Antalya and Alanya."



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