No AKP, no asphalt

If there is no AKP, there is no asphalt: For Şabanözü, where the AKP lost the election, the AKP's executive announced that they stopped the asphalt works in the district.
MHP candidate Mustafa Karakaya held the renewed mayoral election in Şabanözü, Çankırı. kazanwas. Thereupon, AKP Şabanözü Youth Branch Provincial Vice President Hüseyin Kılıç announced on Facebook that they had stopped asphalt work and said, “Şabanozu Deserved This, 5 Years, You Will Be Silent for Service, Regret Doesn't Help Şabanözü….!!!” he wrote.
In the 30 March local elections, AKP's Ali Çapçı won by 4 votes. kazanHis election was canceled by the provincial election board as a result of the objection of MHP candidate Mustafa Karakaya. In the re-election kazanThe moment became MHP.
Odatv'nin according to the news, the AKP after the loss of an interesting development took place.
AKP Şabanözü Youth Branches Provincial Vice President, Election Affairs President Hüseyin Kılıç announced that they stopped the asphalt works in the district.

Facebook account "Şabanözü deserved it," said Sword wrote:
!!! Asphalt Works on the Asphalt Works of Şabanözü District of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Are Stopped by Asphalt Machines and Workers Will Return to Ankara eleri
Hüseyin Kılıç also stated that he was a personnel at Çankırı Municipality, he also stated that Bol Şabanözü in our district, Secimi Kaybettik Şabanözü district is full of unhappy years. Ab

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