What is a Smart Stop System?

smart city bursaya corporate identity
smart city bursaya corporate identity

What is Smart Stop System: Smart Stop System is a smart automation system established between vehicles and stops on rail system (train, tram, etc.) and highways (bus, metrobus, trolleybus, etc.).

The innovative and modern Smart Stop System (ADS), developed by Avikon, monitors the speed of all vehicles used, the routes they are in, the stops they will go to, and the time to arrive at these stops in real time in a center and provides them with passengers via passenger information indicators. In this way, Avikon ADS ensures that passengers are guided at the right time to be in the right stop.
Passenger Information Indicators

  • LED / LCD Displays placed at stops
  • Announcement Systems placed in stops
  • Mobile Apps
  • Website

Smart Stop System helps to increase customer satisfaction with these advantages.

Benefits of the Smart Stop System

  • Reduces waiting times for passengers at stops.
  • It helps the organization of public transportation with central management system.
  • It allows passengers to navigate to the correct stop for the route to be traveled.
  • Increases customer satisfaction.


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