Road Construction Work in Pain

Road Construction Work in Pain: The work of the Special Provincial Administration of Ağrı has been continuing to increase the standard of stabilized village roads.
Cesim Gökçe, the Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration said in his statement that while the two vehicles on the stabilized roads with a width of 4 are not possible to move side by side in the course of the journey, the roads have been expanded to be 8 meters and the standard has been increased.
Stating that all these works were carried out by the Special Provincial Administration, Gökçe said, "In the 2014 activity season, the work was carried out to expand, sandblast and prepare the 12-kilometer stabilized road on the road route where Tezeren, Dedemaksut, Güven, Söğütlü, Sarıca, Çatalipaşa villages are located."
Saying that they have prioritized asphalt construction works for 3 years, Gökçe said, “We made a total of 340 kilometers of bituminous hot mix asphalt. We make asphalt construction ready by raising the standard of our low-standard stabilized roads with our financial means and the construction equipment in the renewed machinery park. Efforts to improve the standards of the roads are carried out with the facilities of the Special Provincial Administration without making a tender, and activities are carried out faster and at lower costs.


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