Density in Bursaray Participates in History

Bursaray'da Density in the History: Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, BursaRay'da soon after the density of the date will be mixed.

The Mayor's Assembly meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality was held at the former Provincial Assembly building on Wednesday. Before the meeting last May, informing the members of the council about the activities of the Mayor Recep Altepe, BursaRay'da answered the questions about the density experienced in him. Indicating that the metro transportation is intense in all parts of the world, President Altepe emphasized that the metro transportation was made in Bursa by the most rational methods.

Despite the enormous investments in transportation, they could not reduce the congestion in the subway lines, stating that this situation was due to the lack of extended lines and wagons. We went on both the subway car and the tram tender. When our new wagons arrive, the number of voyages will become frequent and the density will be mixed up with history Yeni.

Metropolitan Municipality Council, June, the first session, working in the city center in the city of S plates in the district was decided to work. Working in the districts in the city center, passenger transports S plates 'in exchange for a certain fee' in the city center was opened the way for passenger transport. The prescribed decision was referred to the relevant commission for clarification and referral to the Assembly.

Indicating that the regulations related to passenger transport are determined by the Ministry of Transportation and the implementation is carried out by the Ministry of Interior, Recep Mayor Altepe said that the problems encountered in S plates will be solved by the decisions taken. Mayor Altepe, who stated that the Metropolitan Municipality volunteered to resolve all kinds of problems within the boundaries of Bursa, stated that the decision of the council made transportation in the city center and S plates could work in the districts after that. Working in the districts of the city center to solve the problem for the S plate to be transferred to the commission emphasizing the President Altepe, "Hoping in the city center to work in the city center, who want to do the rights of the brothers and sisters who are paying the difference will be benefited from this right," he said.

In the first session of the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly in June, the decision to establish the Local Agenda Branch Directorate, which was closed, was re-established as branch office. In addition, the capital of Jeotermal AS, which goes from the Special Provincial Administration to the Metropolitan Municipality, has been increased to 14 million TL with the increase of 200 million TL from the capital of 10 million 24 thousand TL. renewed.

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