Signatures for Rize ropeway project

Signatures were signed for the Rize ropeway project: An agreement was reached with the beneficiaries in Paşakuyu District and a total area of ​​480 m2 was expropriated for the construction of the ropeway project. Stating that the project will make a great contribution to the tourism of Rize, Rize Mayor Prof. Dr. Reşat Kasap stated that the necessary transactions continue to be carried out by reaching an agreement with the owners. I »Signatures on the Ropeway in Sayla 6 Expropriation works continue in the ropeway project planned to be built from Rize to Dağbaşı location.

Signed Signatures on the Ropeway

Stating that they want to realize the cable car project as soon as possible, Kasap said, "According to the data we have at the moment, approximately 30 acres of the 15-decare area have been expropriated, and we plan to expropriate the remaining part, taking into account the views of our citizens."

Stating that they will seek compromise and find a middle way in solving the problems, Kasap said, “Our citizens really understood us in the“ smiling president ”format that has been put forward from the beginning. They came and started to negotiate with us on such matters. I thank them for their understanding. We plan to complete the procedures as soon as possible and move on to the construction phase of the project. ”Kasap noted that the cable car project will have a very important place in introducing Rize and said,“ The cable car will be 1700 meters long. In addition to its contribution to tourism, it is a project that will facilitate transportation. It will rise approximately 350 meters above sea level.

Our citizens will have the opportunity to see our beach and the beautiful view of our Rizes during the day ”.

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