3. How will the airport buildings be

📩 25/11/2018 20:18

  1. How will the airport buildings be: 5 km x 7 km in size 3 thousand 500 hectares will be established in the area.

1.100 hectares in connection with the airport will have a high-tech industry and trade area.

Flight paths will be positioned to minimize noise.

The terminal building was designed as a green building.

The use of glass envelopes reduces the need for artificial lighting by providing maximum daylight input in the center of the terminal building.

The terminal building will be the 'smart building' that uses maximum power to minimize electricity use.

Electricity and heating needs will be met by the central heating and power generation unit using most of the garbage produced by the airport.

The airport will have an important facility in 5; terminal building, runways, transfer station, repair facilities and hangars and air transport facilities.

The 350 mx 1.500 is a building with a mezzanine, a building with 6 floors, a low level of arrival and a second level of lift-off.

3 star hotels, commercial office buildings, trade fair grounds will be located on a large shopping facility, upper 5 floor.

'Special economic zone' will be established for international finance and commercial transactions.

It will be designed in a streamlined way to minimize wind speed.

The outer tissue will be covered with galvanic tissue, which will serve as the solar collector.

Flight routes will be positioned in a way to prevent flying over the proposed city.

100 thousand people will create employment in the airport, distinctive shape can be seen from the space.

The exterior texture of the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne, which will be inspired by the Islamic-Ottoman motif, will be completed at the same time as the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.

The terminal building, runways, transfer station, repair facilities and hangars, and 5, where air transport facilities are located, will consist of important facilities. The airport will consist of a building with an 350 mx 1500 m floor and a building with 6 floors.

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