ESHOT 's change in transportation should be asked before the citizens

ESHOT 's change in transportation should be asked first to citizens: We asked the people of Izmir to make the radical decision of ESHOT, which has been renewing the entire transportation, ord We do not want to use 3-4 and transportation in transportation;

We asked the people of Izmir for the radical decision of ESHOT, which has been renewing the whole transportation, iyor We do not want to use 3-4 and transportation in transportation, the travel time will exceed the '90 minute' system ulaşım

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate is preparing to undertake a new era in 29 June Sunday in the public transportation of Izmir. The new system will increase the number of ring services in the city center is aimed to reduce the number of buses. In the old system, 06.00-09.00 times were carried out to the center by 89 lines a thousand times. This figure reached 212 thousand 4 all day long. With the new system, the number of vehicles passing in a minute will decrease by 16 in Şair Eşref Boulevard, 72 in Fevzipaşa Boulevard and 35 in Gazi Boulevard. Bostanlı and the system that will change the habits of Karşıyaka Egekent, Evka-3, Kemer, Sirinyer, Tinaztepe, Fahrettin Altay and Cistern transfer centers, Gaziemir District Garage, Bornova, Ucyol and Halkapinar metro stations will be the main transfer centers. We received the opinions of the people of Izmir on the subject at the stops before the project was started. Many people in Izmir, this radical decision will create difficulties in transportation and the victim said the citizen. Citizens stating that the new system can cause serious problems in transportation, and that the only one will end the transfer of the period will end due to the great unanimity of the opinion will be united.


Mehmet Ural: I think that this radical decision will create confusion in Izmir transportation. I haven't been able to make sense of the abolition of the bus schedules that we have used and used for years. Lardır

Emine Barış: The new arrangement aims to reduce traffic congestion by directing passengers to Metro and İzban. In this case, however, we will have to make a continuous transfer. Thus, the transfer stations will be very dense.

Ali Eren: I live in a remote location for Metro and Izban stations. I'm gonna have to make a steady transfer to get somewhere. I prefer to use one-way transportation in transportation.

Ercan Türk: As of Monday, the traffic problem may be reduced, but the application should be organized in such a way that the citizen is not a victim. For this, a pilot could be implemented in a particular area. As a result, the Metro does not travel all over Izmir.

Muzaffer Sayer: He already uses Izban and Metro. In this case, the density will be on those lines. I think it is wrong to start this application without opening the new stations of Metro and İzban.

Nurtaç Ayarcı: There was no need for such an application in İzmir. Already traffic is not too cramped compared to other cities. I live in Gümüşpala. I'm not going to get Basmane one thing. I think the practice is coming down the hill.

Nalan Kılıç: I live in Eşrefpaşa. I was already making two and I go to work. With the new app you'll have to do 4 and snapshot. In addition, if I can not transfer in 90 minutes, I have to pay again. This issue can make passengers suffer.

Hasan Ortak: We are old people. We have a set of habits. The buses we use every time should not be removed. Constant transfer will be very difficult for people like us.

Tolga Irmak: BayraklıI'm sitting in. I am a student. I think that there will be a lot of density at the transfer stations, especially in winter. The application should not make it difficult to reach the schools, it should facilitate.

Tuğçe Edge: I live in Bornova. I'm studying at 9 Eylül University. 515 and 3 bus I'm going to school by removing the bus. This will cause a huge loss of time. I don't want our bus to be lifted. Otobüs

Egehan Akar: It's hard to say anything before the application starts. However, I think that traffic congestion will be seriously reduced. It would have been better if the project was put into practice by piloting a specific area. We'll wait and see.

Habibe Kan: Metro and Izban do not travel all over Izmir. If several ring trips rely on transport, there will be intensities in buses and transport centers. In addition, the outgoing and traffic-disruptive lines should not be canceled.

Fatih Turgut: Transportation arrangements should be made considering disabled, elderly and pregnant people. This application leaves passengers in case of continuous transfer. Elderly, disabled and pregnant should not be victimized.

At least 2 tool will change

The details of the system that will change the transportation habits of the citizens in Izmir İ is”Began to be published. In the center, the project will reduce the exhaust gas ratio, reducing air, noise and image pollution. In many districts, the citizens will not be able to reach their homes during the day. It is not known whether '90 minutes' within the system will work because of the high number of transfers.

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