1,5 year-long cable car service to Uludag began (Video-Photo Gallery)

After the 1,5 year, cable car services to Uludağ have started: The cable car, which was modernized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to make transportation to Uludağ a more contemporary, started its flights.

The cable car line, which was built in order to provide transportation between Bursa and Uludağ and carried millions of people to Uludağ with the flights started in 1963, started its flights again after a month's break with its renewed face.
In the old ropeway, which was difficult to meet the demand due to the fatigue of the years, 1 November 2012 was completely dismantled after the last voyage, and instead a new ropeway consisting of gondola type cabins was built. In the first stage between Teferrüç and Sarıalan, the ropeway started today.

Historic day in Bursa
Mayor Recep Altepe took his ticket from Teferrüç Station and took his first flight to Sarıalan. Altepe met with the bureaucrats of the modern cable car traveling in Altepe, Bursa has reached the modern ropeway, he said.
President Altepe, the opening ceremony of the new ropeway due to adverse weather conditions will take place at a later date, expressing, bir Today, 7 June and a historic day in Bursa live. The cable car, which is the symbol of Bursa, started its expeditions with its new face. Citizens now 19 - 20 8 per second with a personality cabin 12 minutes will be able to reach Uludag Vat.

Panoramic view of Bursa
President Altepe, 50 year Bursa, serving the old ropeway will no longer be experienced by telling the difficulties, ın Teleferikle, much more modern cabins with a panoramic view of the scenic Bursa will be a journey will follow. As long as the old time waiting for the problem will not be. According to the old system, the passenger carrying capacity is also increased by 12. Eski

Comfortable ride
Altepe, aerodynamic cabins 80 miles of wind speed, even by expressing the work, the new cable car in the same price as 1,5 years ago, he said. Citizens can go to Xalanx from Teferrüç to Sarıalan, and he can return to 10 TL from Sarıalan to Teferrüç and President Altepe said: ın We want to bring our people to Uludağ in the most convenient and safest way. We'il have folk days. All citizens will be able to reach Uludağ with discounted tariffs for the elderly, children and disabled citizens. Bursa and Uludağ will get closer. Bursa will win this way. The ropeway will add value to the city economy T.

Citizens to Altepe thanks
On the first day of the flights, Osman Güler made a trip with the new ropeway. He said that he was 79 at the time and he knew the old ropeway. This cable car is much more beautiful and modern than the old cable car. The new ropeway will be very good for Bursa. Yeni

Intense interest from Arab tourists
Arab tourists were also interested in the new ropeway. Arab tourists, the first hour from the start of the journey to Uludag preferred the cable car. In Altinalan, Arab tourists who met with President Altepe congratulated Mayor Altepe who gave importance to contemporary transportation and congratulated him for the new ropeway and took plenty of photos with Altepe.
Mohammad Al Awadhi, who came to Bursa from Dubai with his family, congratulated Mayor Altepe for his new ropeway. Mohammad Al Awadhi, who said that he liked Bursa very much, said, be We went to Uludağ with a cable car. Very nice and very modern system. When we were going to Sarıalan by cable car, we had the chance to see the beautiful view of Bursa, congratulations le.