3. Feet of Bridge Passed 245 Meter

  1. Bridge Legs Exceed 245 Meters: The rise of the bridge piers, whose total length will reach 320 meters, continues. The construction of the 3rd Bridge and the Northern Marmara Motorway project, which started last year, continues at full speed. The piers of the bridge, which can be seen from both sides of Istanbul, exceed 245 meters in height. The final state of the work in the construction of the bridge was viewed with the DHA Sky Camera.
    Currently, the number of 5 employees of 500 staff is expected to reach 8 thousand in July. It was seen that the bridge stands continued to rise in the aerial photography and the highway was formed in the areas where the trees were cut. The height of the 320 meters will be completed in the coming months, while the feet will be done during the end of the legs of the permanent beams.
    It was stated that the concrete was completed in four stages for the permanent beams ending in the 61 meter. It was also stated that the completion of the permanent beams is an important step for the connection between the bridge and the approach viaduct, and the connection beams will provide the transition between the bridge towers. Simultaneous work is planned to unite the bridge connecting beams and the approach viaduct roads.
    The 3rd Bridge of Istanbul, with its width of 59 meters, will become the widest bridge in the world. The length of the 8-lane bridge will be 2 meters as 10 lanes highway and 1408 lanes railway. With this feature, the bridge will be the longest suspension bridge in the world with a rail system. The height of the tower in Garipçe village on the European side will be 322 meters and the height of the tower in Poyraz village on the Anatolian side will be 318 meters. The 3rd Bridge will be the largest in the world with its foot height. The rail system on the bridge will carry passengers from Edirne to Izmit.
    Atatürk Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport and the new 3rd Airport will be connected with the rail system that will be integrated with Marmaray and Istanbul Metro. The North Marmara Motorway and the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge will be realized with the "Build, operate, transfer" model. The project, which has an investment value of 4.5 billion TL, will be operated by IC İçtaş - Astaldi JV for 10 years, 2 months and 20 days, and will be transferred to the Ministry of Transport at the end of this period.


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