3. Construction of bridges

  1. Construction has stopped on the bridge connection roads: The workers and the owners of the construction equipment on the third Bosphorus bridge connecting roads to Istanbul closed the construction roads and stopped the works on the grounds that they were not paid.
    Workers on the road to the third bridge linking the old Edirne Asfaltı district have closed the road with the construction machines and trucks on the grounds that they have not been paid.
    Stating that they will not open the road if their money is not paid, the workers said: “We are working at the third bridge construction link road construction site. There were over 100 workers here. Nobody is left here to give money. Our money has not been paid for 4-5 months. We are always saying, 'Go today, come tomorrow'. They defraud us. Our vehicles also lie because they do not pay. Tools to run to run rotten. When we can't get money here, we borrow from here. We can't go to any other job.
    We are waiting such idle. They did not pay money, but they also cut our insurance. The main company, İCA, said, 'We are behind this business. You work, if the subcontractor does not pay your money, we will pay you '. Now there is a dispute between the subcontractor and the main contractor. As a result of their dispute, we became victims. We are not paid. The subcontracting company that takes the excavation business has no tools. They gave a million meters of excavation to the man who did not have a pickaxe.
    The men came, they saluted someone, they got a job. But you are looking, we are the ones who do the job. But we are the ones who can not get the money. They make money on our back. Friends at other construction sites working on the construction of the third bridge roads also did not get their money. That's why we closed the road to the construction site. We have a total of 1 million pounds. We will not open this way until our money is paid. There are thousands of people in this country who get rich on the back of the truckers. The officials demanded that the money of this nation is paid by clicking the internet button as 'click' ”.
    "We will pay"
    The official of the subcontractor company IDB, Bayram İşbilir, who took the excavation business, confirmed that they did not pay the workers and said, “We could not make the payment. Because we have a job ahead of us. The project was stopped by the General Directorate of Highways. Now we are open. We will make the filling and make our payments. In other words, money would come from a project, and we couldn't pay because it did not. ”
    On the other hand, police teams also came to the construction site took security measures.


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