Highways will make 15 crossroads up to Belek

Highways will construct 15 crossroads up to Belek: The 13th Regional Directorate of Highways, which started two intersections on Gazi Boulevard, will increase the number of bridged junctions on the 30-kilometer route between Iller Bank and Belek road junction to 15. Crossroads, each costing 11-12 million lira, are expected to ease city traffic.
13th Regional Directorate of Highways has started work on Gazi Boulevard in its area of ​​responsibility, at the Industrial Station and at the Kütükçü intersections with Varsak, known as Kepez Municipality. Both intersections are being rebuilt by the Highways. Traffic will flow over the east-west axis with the bridge to be built. It will advance from the bottom in the north-south direction. Saying that the Metropolitan Municipality met with them for the Varsak junction near Kepez Municipality, the 13th Regional Manager Şenol Altıok said, “They have projects. There is a demand for a 3-storey intersection. " said. Altıok informed that negotiations are continuing to build the intersection in the north-south direction under the ground, as a level crossing above it and a bridge on it. Altıok stated that they plan to complete the intersections, whose costs will be approximately 24 million TL, by the end of this year and open them.
Şenol Altıok explained that the intersection works will not be limited to them. According to the measurements they made, the intersections on the 35 km long road between the Iller Bank and Belek used by 30 thousand vehicles will be rearranged. There are 15 intersection projects on the road, indicating that the six of them, the Iller Bank, Calli, airport and Isparta road intersections are in service, the construction of the intersection with Kütükçü Varsak passed said. Altıok, hal, TEDAŞ, Koyunlar, Aksu, EXPO, Gebiz, North Ring Road, Kocayatak and Belek intersections of the project work is continuing, he said.
With the projects to be implemented by the highways, the intersections that will be financed from the central budget will be constructed according to the characteristics of the region. For example, the reconstruction of the airport junction will be built in the form of clover. The average cost of an intersection will vary from one million pounds to one 11-12.
Stating that there is no request for the transfer of Gazi Boulevard, which is located in the city, to the Metropolitan Municipality, Altıok underlined that the Northern Ring Road, which will be tendered in Ankara on 13 June 2014, should be finished in order to take steps in this matter. Stating that the era cannot come to the fore before the 37-kilometer road is completed and put into service, Altıok said: “When the Northern Ring Road is completed and completed, Gazi Boulevard will be parallel, so then we can transfer it to the municipality. We can only hand over an axle because we hold a road at our own risk. We will try to cultivate the Northern Ring Road up to the EXPO. But probably the next connection from the EXPO area may remain after 2016. After all, even if we are going to hand over this place, it may be 3 years later at the earliest.

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