If the tram passes by the road, ends Izmit

If the tram passes from Izmit, I know that the most important problem of people living in Izmit is public transportation and I wrote this very often. People in Izmit suffer from a great deal of trouble going from one place to another. There's no system. Public transport in our city is poor quality, unscheduled, expensive.

We need to find new alternatives in urban public transportation. In this city, whose population is increasing day by day and its population is spread around the city in parallel with the increase in population, after a few years the public transportation system will be completely bankrupt.

From the current situation, the minibusists who are taking the burden of this work are also not satisfied. They're hurting. People who are not condemned to the public transport system, who have no private car, are also uncomfortable and complaining.

But one thing is that after this time, the most accurate system, the least damage to the city should be established.

We are discussing the tram system for Izmit for a long time, we speak. For large, crowded cities, public transportation is one of the important options of rail, tram.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, before the election of the 30 March put this option before the people of Izmit. As a very ambitious political discourse, he raised the issue of Tram. In fact, in order to prove his sincerity for this period, he also brought a tram booth from Bursa and brought him to İzmit, exposing it on Anıtpark square for a long time.

Now the business came to the stage of implementing the tram project.

The option, however, requires the tram to work on the existing Walkway in the city center.

As a Izmit, this option, walking path through the plane trees, 100 few years of passing the tram from where the trains now can not digest.

If the tram passes the Walkway, the last important difference in the hands of Izmit will be the biggest beauty and the most important feature for the city. Walk into the crowded hours of the city, see the Walkway. Almost all Izmit is here. People are walking. No matter what anyone says .. If the tram passes from the Walkway, this road will not be a walkway for people.

Our managers say, tram We put the tramway on the Walkway. Hurriyet Street will be completely pedestrianized. It will be an alternative to the Walkway'n.

No way; The Walk Way is something else .. Izmit, he loved to walk on the route. There are plane trees on both sides of that road.

If the tram passes by the walkway, Izmit ends.

And it's obviously going to cost a lot of money. There is a giant collector system under the walkway, just after the train is removed. These pipes have to be replaced. Two years ago, the electricity transformers on the edge of the walkway will be lifted and put in another place.

All this is great cost. All this is a great torment for Izmit.

Moreover, the problem of public transportation in Izmit is not experienced in the direction of, east-west Üst. The problem of public transportation in our city is taşıma North-South Bizim.

In the direction of düşünül east-west ön tramway in Izmit, Şahabettin Bilgisu Street, İnönü Street should be considered as an alternative. I'm sure it will cost less.

We've lost so much in this city. We lost our way of life, our culture. And let's not lose the Walkway.

It was a few months before the 2009 local elections. The construction of the Seka Tunnel on D-100 continued. The Secretary General of the period, Mr. Münir Karaloğlu, took me to his car one day and made a tour of the city. The Seka Tunel had brought the former Seka Elementary School to its current Nuh Cement Primary School. ”Look up here,“ he said. Hatt This is the center of the ropeway. From there the cable car will reach Orhan first and then Bağçeşme. There will also be a line from the Thursday Market. Cedit'e, Topçular'a, will reach new residential areas. '

Münir Karaloğlu is now preparing to open a new ropeway system built by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in Bursa where he is the governor.

We are still talking about the tramway on the Walkway.

We must find a solution to public transportation in this city. But this solution should be either above ground, or above ground. Thinking of passing the tram from the Walkway will end Izmit. We'il regret it. We're gonna hit our heads. Let's not do that.

Let's find another way. But first, let's start the light rail system between Yarimca and Uzuntarla, which was once again promised by the Metropolitan. Let's make the ropeways from Izmit to the settlements in the hills. Let us organize a ferry service between Izmit and Karamursel.

Metropolitan officials, obviously decided for the tram. Walking Path looks the most convenient itinerary. But on the other hand ac We will do the survey. we will ask the public halka. If they are to make a survey, one of the options should be to give up this tram business.

I promise my own man; Di AKP's 30 promised trams before March. He set up the tram at the Anıtpark. Then he couldn't, he couldn't give up. Ere Against those who say, I will defend the Metropolitan. While I was defending the tram for Izmit, I did not even think that this wagon would pass the Walkway.

Let's give up on the road when it's close. Let's take a look at the alternative of the ropeway that will relax the public transportation on the North-South line. Light rail system, D-100 over the rule. Light rail system in the east-west direction. From the garden of Nuh Cement School, the cable cars from the Thursday Market area carry people in the north-south direction.

I think that the most accurate, if it does not appear to be an alternative to the Walkway, it has given up the tram business. I will accept the promise of the AKP members before the election.

Source: ozgurkocaeli.com.tr

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