Kars Logistics Center Project Returning to Snake Story

Kars Logistic Center Project Returning to Snake Story: KARSİAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat Murat Murat visited the Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Artisans (KARSESOB) President Adem Burulday in his office. Visit to the story of the snake return to the center of Kars was talked about.

After the election of the Board of Directors of KARSIAD continues to visit the President Dereci, the meeting to be the logistics center of Kars and become a free trade center were expressed.

KARSİAD management took the decision of concluding the Logistics Center Project with the President of KARSESOB Burulday and taking the Free Trade Zone project on the agenda.

Dereci said, “In order to accelerate the projects and make progress, the Governorship, OSGB, Chamber of Craftsmen and Craftsmen, Chamber of Architects and NGOs of Kars's other dynamic organizations were invited, and our provinces with 2 Logistics Centers and 2 free trade zones were invited. We have decided to visit, hold another meeting on the agenda after the visit, and continue the work. In this direction, with your support, we have taken a distance as soon as possible and added a dimension to the investments. kazanneeds to be done,” he said.

KARSESOB Başakanı Adem Burulday, expressing his satisfaction with the visit of the KARSİAD Administration, said, Baş We are in every job concerning the development of Kars. We have been hearing the Logistics Center Project for many years. But what steps were taken in this direction. At which stages we have no knowledge. Let us think that there is no organization in our interest that interests us. Let him explain if he has any information. You certainly made a great decision. We are very pleased with this committee. A substructure and knowledge of the subject is also known. The decision taken within the free trade zone is satisfactory. Obviously, we have to take a hand in the relevant NGOs. Everything should not be expected from the state. First of all we want to show him how much we need to act for him, "he said.

After the meeting, Chairman of the Board of Directors of KARSİAD Sultan Murat Dereci said that they will meet with an NGO every week and create awareness for the Logistics Center. Dereci, Logistics Center has been on the agenda since the 2011, not to take a concrete step until today, he noted.

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