YHT station crashed 6 worker injured (Video)

YHT station crashed 6 worker wounded: In the second floor of the High Speed ​​Train Station, which is under construction in Arifiye District of Sakarya, while the concrete was pouring, a collapse occurred. Wounded under the debris, the 6 worker was taken to hospital. Doctors said the 3 worker was in serious condition.

The event occurred at 17.26. State Railways, which is the largest station in the region Arifiye Train Station High Speed ​​Train also in accordance with the second floor of the new station building was pouring concrete collapse occurred. Construction workers 6 workers fell down together with concrete piles. The other workers and those who grew up in the environment immediately intervened and wounded 6 workers under the rubble. Sakarya Training and Research Hospital removed from the health status of workers 3'in said.

At the time of the incident near the station and do not want to give the name of an employee, the second floor of the collapse of concrete poured during the concrete, the first floor of the collapse of the concrete molds down, while the 6 worker on the second floor, he said. Although it was stated that there were workers at the bottom, there were no other workers under the rubble.


In the statement made by TCDD on the subject, “Today (29 May 2014) at 17.26; In the Arifiye High Speed ​​Train Station construction tendered by TCDD and made by the private sector, a pier collapse occurred on the second floor of the building. 6 workers working in the construction were injured in the incident. The injured were treated at Sakarya Training and Research Hospital. An investigation was initiated by TCDD regarding the incident and the contractor company. It is announced to the public with respect ”.






    1. For some reason, this kind of accidents, we are always in similar developing and underdeveloped countries, but not in advanced countries? We need to inquire. A huge new central station was built in Berlin, Germany. Every step of the construction was a challenge. The topic of mega structures (http://www.sadecebelgesel.com/mega-yapilar-berlin-tren-istasyonu.htmlThis station has been active for many years. As far as I know, this mega structure was like an accident (accident happened, but it was not damage to the mind) like never before, while the trains were working, while under service, structural bridges, skyscraper building's empores, parts were built Bil
      Here, with the advanced, the difference between the less developed countries!