Will Be Brand in Sakarya Railway Production

Sakarya Railway Production in De Brand Will Be: Sakarya Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors President Mahmoud Kösemusul and Board Member of Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) General Manager visited Erol Inal "National Train Project" production will be held Electric Train Set ( EMU) and the Diesel Train Set (DMU).

Stating to SATSO President Mahmut Kösemusul and members of the Board of Directors about the works and the National Train Project is progressing rapidly, İnal emphasized the importance of Sakarya's ownership of the project and said, “With the National Train Project, Sakarya can be a brand in wagon and railway production. Because this industry sector shaped shield newly foot in Turkey and are very fast. Today, Sakarya has become a place where not only wagons but sets are produced. This is a great success for the industry. The railway is of great importance not only for transportation, but also for the revival of tourism and trade. Cities develop and take shape around stations. When we look at the countries of the world, statistics show that Switzerland comes first in the world travel average, followed by Germany and England. After that Turkey ranks 20th in this ranking. This increase will be possible with the increase of the railway route and high speed trains. "Our industry can stay at the peak for an average of 7 years when calculated with its current technology." İnal stated that the visual design of the Electric Train Set (EMU) and Diesel Train Set (DMU), which will be produced within the scope of the "National Train Project", has been completed and has reached the tender stage.

SATSO Chairman of the Board Mahmut Kösemusul, stating that TÜVASAŞ has undertaken works to be proud of, said, “As SATSO, we are always by TÜVASAŞ. As Sakarya, we strive to build a Sakarya that has developed its main and subsidiary industries, revitalized its trade and tourism as a chain, and achieved the quality it deserves in its social life, we are moving forward with this goal. We also experience the excitement of this project that will contribute to the development of our city. We wish our General Manager success in this great project, which we believe will make Sakarya a brand. The future belongs to Sakarya. "Our engineers and workers, who are working with great enthusiasm to produce our own train sets and high wagons, together with their managers will have their name written in the history of the railway in golden letters."


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