Vanda Highway Stones are in danger

📩 24/11/2018 12:33

Stones falling on the Vanda Highway are Dangerous: The stones falling on the road as a result of the melting of the snow on the slopes of the mountains in the high areas with the warming of the weather in Van, is threatening.
After the long winter, with the spring month, the snow was warmed and the snow was melting. 2985 Altitude Karapet Pass, located on Van-Bahçesaray highway, is not missing from the snow of the year. When the weather heats, the stones on the slopes of the mountains, which are softened by the melting snow, make them feel dangerous by falling on the highway. Roads 8 Regional Directorate of roads, cleaning vehicles from time to time with the passers-by drivers, the minute away from the danger is getting rid of.

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