train from Kazakhstan to Turkey

train from Kazakhstan to Turkey: the train line leading up to Poland from China's Chengdu noted that Kazakhstan was converted into Turkey.

Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TUSIAD) Member of the Board and the Global Relations Committee Chairman Osman Boyner, from Sichuan Chengdu depending on the province in China, that there is a railway line in Poland, said that business train can be translated into Turkey when he began managing in Kazakhstan . Evaluating the Chinese contacts of the TÜSİAD delegation, Boyner said that the line in question went from Chengdu to Kazakhstan and from Kazakhstan to Russia and Poland.

Chengdu's advantages both to Turkey, as well as threats that could bring Boyner emphasized, "There are authorities 'how we can translate this advantage?' I asked. They said, 'Now this work will begin to govern Kazakhstan. Then convertible Kazakhstan to Turkey via this said, '' he said.


Boyner said they viewed it when they return to Turkey, 'Such a thing can be done in Chengdu, east of Turkey to the east, that will be like the second eastern Turkey. So the goods from Chengdu in one week, from Antep will arrive in 2 days. This is both a threat and an opportunity. We need to evaluate the two together 'he said.

'We talked with the state fund'

Boyner said that they had met with a state fund during their Chinese contacts and that the fund was one of the largest in China. Boyner, TÜSİAD within the Independent Asset Funds called a working group reminded me of. These funds, explaining that Turkey indicated that they are open to listening Boyner, said that China's 90 billion dollars invested overseas last year.

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