Trabzona railway should come

Railway to Trabzon should come: With the cooperation of Karadeniz Technical University Industrial Engineering and Management Departments - Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) - Logistics Association (LODER), “III. National Logistics and Supply Chain ”congress.

Prof. Dr. During the congress held in Osman Turan Culture and Congress Center and broadcast live by Haber61 TV, many important names made special statements to Haber61 TV.

Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Suat Hacısalihoğlu said that Trabzon should be a logistics center.

Answering our questions on Haber61 TV live broadcast at the congress, Hacısalihoğlu said, “In line with our long-standing works, Trabzon should be a logistics center. As a result of our work, our projects continue to be carried out. When we look at the current production centers, the biggest issue that needs to be dwelled on is that Trabzon should be the center of logistics. When we consider Trabzon, it is a city that dominates Russia, Armenia, Turkish countries and the Caucasus. Therefore, logistics projects are very important for Trabzon, ”he said.

Stating that a railway network should be built in Trabzon, Hacısalihoğlu said, “When it comes to logistics, a complete transportation and railway network comes to mind. When we think of Trabzon as a center, there is airway, road and sea route and only one railway is missing. At the point of our state's work, a demirolo network network was programmed in Trabzon. A railway network will definitely come to Trabzon. Especially, there should be a railway network from Batumi to here. Our prime minister also has a very positive view on this issue. Studies on this subject continue ”.

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