Renewal of Göztepe station

It is necessary to renew it to preserve Göztepe station: Haydarpaşa Station was the only link that connects the Anatolian and European sides before the Bosphorus Bridge was built. You could come from Anatolia by train, take the ferry on the pier in Haydarpaşa and go to the European side from there. Since the bridge was built and road transportation became frequent, Haydarpaşa left its busy days behind. However, Haydarpaşa was the place where most people visited, passed, waited in the hall, saw off a relative, cried on the platform or hugged for the last time.

Of course, it wasn't just friends, friends and soldiers who were sent off. It was the point where they lived in their reunification like separations. This door opening to Anatolia has also become a series set, a movie set. He was an actor who starred in hundreds of films shot, now only a work that will remain in the movies. In addition to being a work, it is a world in which millions of people pass, films are made, Galata, Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmet Mosque and tea are drinking against the Bosphorus, and the people coming from Anatolia embrace Istanbul. This world has been very quiet since June 2013.

Due to the high-speed train activities, all trains and suburban services had stopped for about a year. There are rumors about the destruction of Göztepe station on the Pendik-Haydarpaşa suburban line as part of these works. On these rumors, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications made a statement. In the statement, “Göztepe Train Station will not be demolished and will be preserved as it is. A new and modern station will be built within the scope of the Marmaray project, 400 meters west of the existing station, and that station will be used. ” This means that the historical station will not be used. Thus, the station faces the danger of being abandoned to its fate. Of course Kızıltoprak, Feneryolu, Göztepe, Erenköy, Suadiye, Bostancı, Maltepe, Kartal, Yunus stations are also facing this danger. Besides these stations, it is a mystery what will be the main vein of the line, Haydarpaşa.

If other stations are left to their fate under the name of renovation in this way, it will cause great damage to the historical texture of the line. Can't renew without another station? Or if it is a museum that reflects its history in the renovation station, does it add beauty to its historical texture? If small museums describing that station are established inside the stations, those stations are truly renewed. Because with the museum, every element, every story in that station is transferred from generation to generation and the history will be “kept” and memories will be renewed. This goes through the museum.

Kadıköy Municipality made a request under the leadership of Sunay Akın to the Ministry of Transport to evaluate the train stations between Haydarpaşa and Bostancı as “museum and cultural center”. However, their demands were rejected by the Ministry.

The museums are the memory of societies. Non-museums are doomed to be Alzheimer's.


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