Bilecikiler will be on the high-speed train

Bilecikiler will be on the high-speed train from Bozuyuk: State Railways Deputy General Manager İsa Apaydın, Bozuyuk'de High Speed ​​Train Station is about to end, Bilikiklarin said they would go down the speed train here. Apaydın, Bilecik station, the end of August, he said.

Bilecik Governor Ahmet Hamdi Deputy General Manager of State Railways (TDDY) İsa ApaydınBilecik High Speed ​​Train (YHT) station.

Governor Nayir, DDY Deputy General Manager Apaydın, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Alpay Alper Sır, Provincial Police Chief Eyüp Özüdoğru, DDY Department Head İsmail Murtazaoğlu and Branch Manager Özgür Karabacak, examined the Bilecik YHT Station, which is under construction, and received information from the authorities.

Receiving information about the Control Center and the signaling system from Ferit Peremeci, the contractor firm's representative, Governor Nayir said, “With the introduction of YHT, our city will have a great advantage and will relax in every aspect. It will meet our expectations in terms of culture and tourism. We take all kinds of precautions in terms of safety. Currently, the YHT station work continues, it will be completed and put into service in a short time ”.

DDY Deputy General Manager Apaydın will the journalists' YHT reach May 29? He stated that the studies for his training continue uninterruptedly, but there is no clear date and that they will open it soon.

The station will be completed in August due to changes in the station project, Apaydın reported that during this time, the citizens can use the Bozüyük station and as soon as possible to serve the Bilecik station Bilecik people said.




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