TEMde traffic progresses step by step

Traffic in TEM is progressing step by step: The traffic ordeal has started on the TEM Highway. The highway was closed until 03 July at night on this route since 24:XNUMX on the grounds of the works to be carried out between Gebze-Körfez junction and Gebze-Izmit East junction.
Drivers going from Istanbul to the capital Ankara direction join the D-100 Highway from Gebze intersection of the highway. Traffic is locked in the Gebze part of the Motorway, traffic is flowing step by step. Drivers progressing about 30 kilometers are joining the motorway from Körfez Junction again. Since joining the D-100 Highway from Gebze Junction, long lines have been formed. Traffic is progressing step by step.
Some drivers did not know that the TEM Highway was closed, while others reacted to the road being closed for 81 days. After waiting for hours in traffic, the drivers who joined the D-100 Highway said, “This people do not deserve this ordeal. 81 days, what kind of suffering is the road closed? Isn't this the thing to do in this heat? Where was the warning made? Nobody knows. It's a huge disrespect. They could have reported it before. They could have warned since the bridge. This is essentially the nature of all our institutions. We came 2 kilometers from 2 hours. God knows how long we will wait in traffic. ” He expressed his reactions.
Meanwhile, traffic is observed from D-100 Highway. On the other hand, Highways teams have started their activities at designated locations on the road closed.
In the statement made by the Governorship of Kocaeli, there will be a superstructure improvement works in the part of TEM between Gebze Interchange and Körfez Interchange, the works planned to take 81 days will be carried out on a '24 hour basis', the work will be completed on July 24 at 17.00 and the repair will be made on the route. it was noted that other connection roads would also be closed.



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