TEM Motorway opened to traffic

TEM Highway was opened to traffic: The Ankara direction between the Gebze intersection of the TEM Motorway and the Körfez intersection was closed on May 5th. It was opened to transportation in the evening.
In line with the planning made by the Ministry of Transport, the Ankara direction between Gebze-Körfez districts of the TEM Highway was closed to transportation with the application that started on May 5 at 03.00:100. Traffic was directed to D-100 Highway starting from Gebze turnstiles. However, coming to Izmit from Istanbul, especially in the morning and evening hours, turned into a complete ordeal. Since the vehicles coming from Istanbul via TEM are directed to D-20 from Gebze turnstiles and the road leading to the turnstiles is a single lane, from time to time, more than XNUMX kilometers of queues from Gebze to Istanbul Sultanbeyli have been formed.
The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications took action due to the transformation of traffic. The study was completed 2 days before the designated time. The TEM Motorway, which was closed between the Gebze Junction and the Gulf Junction, was opened to traffic today. According to the previous announcement, the completion of the work between the Gebze Junction and the Gulf Junction intersection between the Gulf Junction and Izmit East Junction highway maintenance work would be done. The highway will be closed to a long traffic, such as 81 days and long queues in the traffic, the Gulf Junction and Izmit towards the road will be made at a different date was expressed.



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