Tandogan Closed Tarkan Bazaar on TCDD Railway Station

TCDD Railway Station Tandoğan Covered Bazaar Saved Way: Ankara Hurriyet, known as' Soldier Bazaar 'Tandogan Covered Bazaar' s maintenance-free status' Bazaar 'in the wake of the headlines brought to the agenda of the Metropolitan Municipality officials, the renovation work began by saving the market. The shopkeepers lost their customer due to their carelessness and the bazaar, which was close to closing, was saved.

With the start of the High Speed ​​Train service, the pedestrian load was increased and the cleaning, painting and lighting work was carried out at the Tandoğan Covered Bazaar with a length of 230 meters.
Metropolitan Municipality Department of City Aesthetics teams then completed the installation of escalators, floor renovation work began. Ankaray'ın Maltepe station located in the market, especially on weekends, the soldiers who do the shopping, the citizens of this passage through Ankaray'dan exit the TCDD Railway Station officials who noted that the Department of Urban Aesthetics,, Especially from Gardan, Ankaray in Maltepe Citizens who want to ride in the 8 meters below the market were experiencing great problems in the exit from the market. Because they had to get out of a steep ladder. However, we have now eliminated this challenge with our two-level escalator staircase with the latest technology, 52 cascade, with special sensors for this savings. Ancak


In addition, the entrance of the bazaar, old and worn, image pollution will make the renovation work on the floor, officials noted, said:
“We will perform andesite stone pavement to the floor. With the installation of the escalator, the entrance of the bazaar, which is now about to be demolished, has reached an extremely modern and aesthetic appearance. We removed the old entrance completely and replaced the aluminum composite façade. We also had special plate lighting by preventing the rainwater leakage inside. In other words, we have brought our underpass and bazaar to a whole new look. Yani

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