Tapum Var, Bursa

I Have Tapus, I Am Thinking To Close Bursa Izmir Road: Sait Bademoğlu, who said that he had been fighting for a law for 38 years in Karacabey District of Bursa, said, “Bursa-İzmir highway passes through our land. It's my father's property. Either give my money or my property. Otherwise, I will close the highway to traffic. ”
The commutation problems arising at the Bursa-Balıkesir- İzmir Highway Karacabey Junction, which has been used since 1976, are not over. Sait Bademlioğlu, who said that 282 parcels of 17 parcels in Çatrık Mevkii, where the road passes, and that his deed was found, requested that the part of this parcel was passed to him by inheritance after his father passed away, either to be expropriated or returned to him. Stating that he has been struggling with law for 38 years, Bademlioğlu said:
“We have applied to the governorship, district governorship and gendarmerie. I am the owner and shareholder of this property. At that time, the expropriation process was made to pass this land without expropriation, and we plan to close the road when the law struggle does not get results. We have the title deed, in short, we have the right to close the road. ”
Describing the petition of the road through the land will be closed to the Governor's Office, Karacabey District Governor and the Gendarmerie Command telling Bademlioğlu said, continued:
“The petition has been processed, but there are no results yet. We are determined to close the part of Bursa-İzmir highway passing through our land in Karacabey. If the road closes, they ask how to get transportation between Bursa and Izmir. Don't ask me that question. ”
Attorney Özgür Çelebi, the owner of the property is still in the real estate-shareholder Sait Bademlioğlu because of the location of the expropriation process has not been applied to the Governor's Office and the Karacabey district governor of the road to the traffic closure, otherwise within the scope of their own road on the road through the land will close the traffic cease announced with. Çelebi, said:
“According to the law and legislation, the owner has such a right against the transaction, which is defined as non-expropriation, and is determined to close the road as far as it can be seen. He states that his place has been illegally occupied by Highways for 38 years and he underlines that he will say that this is enough and that the state and General Directorate of Highways will be responsible for the victimization. ”



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