Road to Four Towns

Good News of the Road to Four Districts: The highways network starting from Ünye and ending in the İlküvez District of Çaybaşı was combined with the Akpınar-Salman and Akkuş road network with the initiatives of Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Enver Yılmaz. With this road, transit passage will be provided from İkizce District and Yogunoluk District to Akkuş district.
Army Mayor Enver Yilmaz, Çaybaşı, Akkus and the districts of İkizce directly linked to a network of highways. The most important requests of the people of the region during the election, the talks about the path was concluded. With the attempts of the Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Enver Yılmaz, 28 kilometer road was combined with the highways.
The last week of the week in Ankara on the investments to be made in Ankara Army Mayor Enver Yilmaz, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan and General Director of Highways Mehmet Cahit Turhan met. Yilmaz's attempts to take the road that includes the Ilküvez-Akpınar-Salman Districts and the Akkuş district into the network of roads have resulted in the negotiations.
Çalışma There was a saying we had in the context of our election studies: We were doing both election tours and we were able to work one-to-one about the problems of the region. Çaybaşı-İlküvez-Akpınar-Salman and Akkuş district, the biggest request of our citizens was to take the road route to the network of roads. In the meetings we made in Ankara on Friday, we received the promise of our Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan and General Manager of Highways, Mehmet Cahit Turhan. Good luck to all of our citizens. Tüm
Once the road route between Akçınar-Akpınar-Salman Districts and Akkuş is completed, a transit from İkizce District and the Ağıroluk Neighborhood to the Akkuş district will be possible.

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