Wire-stranded Measure Against Road Falls

Wireframe Precaution against Rock Falls on the Road: Hakkari-Van highway for the rocks in danger of the fence was taken measures.
Van 111 on the rocky hills on the side of Hakkari-Van highway in Tekser area at the entrance of the city. The Regional Directorate of Highways mobilized. With the help of cranes to prevent rock falls, steep slopes began to be closed with wire fences. Highways, even in the smallest steep slopes of the road to the highway, indicating that the highway authorities, the journey of rockers against possible accidents in the rock cover they have started work. Authorities stating that they cut a section of the steep cliffs on the Hakkari-Van highway by wire mesh, said that they would gradually cover the danger points along the 7 mile with wire mesh.
Hakkari Highways 114. Branch office chiefs, Van 111. Regional Directorate said that they were made by.
Vehicle drivers, especially on the slopes of Hakkari steep slopes of the highway, stating that the rocks fell, thanking the institution initiating such a study.

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