Fast Train Ticket Prices Found Too Expensive

TCDD computerized ticket sales point
TCDD computerized ticket sales point

High-speed train ticket prices were found to be very expensive: 70-80 lira was announced for Ankara - Istanbul Fast Train ticket prices. According to this statement Bilecik - Istanbul is expected to be 40 lira. For those who will face this price 50 will find the pound.

After the airplane, the country's fastest means of transportation, the High Speed ​​Train, has come to an end for the Eskişehir - Istanbul line to be put into service. News about the ticket prices of the line, which will be launched soon, upset the citizen. Because Ankara is thought to be 70-80 lira between Istanbul. As such, it is expected that between Bilecik - Istanbul and Bilecik - Ankara will be 40 lira.

This price was found to be expensive by citizens. Eskişehir - Ankara between 27 pounds, Bilecik - Ankara between the 40 pounds around the citizen thought to be expensive.

The real problem is between Bilecik and Istanbul. Bus from Bilecik to Istanbul from 25 to 30 lira. However, this price, Bilecik and Esenler bus station, even in Istanbul, including almost all the prices of service.

On the high-speed train, a passenger from Bilecik will land in Pendik. There will be no problems for those living on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, but a second journey will begin for those crossing over. For example, a Bilecik in Pendik who wants to go up and go to Gaziosmanpaşa will go for at least 2 hours if traffic is not congested. Therefore, the high speed train for crossing Bilecikl will not be very attractive in terms of money and time. Until the High Speed ​​Train was connected to Marmaray.


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