Soma action in Istanbul Metro

Soma demonstration in Istanbul Metro: After the death of 232 workers in Soma, a protest action is held by reaching out to the ground in the Istanbul Metro.

In Manisa Soma coal mine disaster, which caused the deaths of 205 people in Turkey is different yerlerindeprotesto.

While a group of young people who came in front of Soma Holding's branch in Levent in Istanbul were doing a sit-in protest, young people reached out to the ground and organize a protest in the Istanbul Metro.

The group of 5 people who wanted to protest the disaster in Soma came in front of Soma Kömür İşletmeleri A.Ş.'s office in Levent, around 10.00:XNUMX. The group, who came in front of the office with 'Murderers' on the walls at night, started a sit-in here. The group with signs in their hands saying 'It is not fate, it is murder, This plaza rises on the blood of workers'. It is a murder. '

In the press release made on behalf of the group, the government was held responsible for the incident and said, “What happened in Soma is not fate but murder. The only responsible for this is the Ak Parti. This issue, which should be discussed in the Parliament 15 days ago, was rejected. 15 days later, this massacre occurred ”.

Activists continue to wait in front of the office closed by the company.

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