Removing Scrap Vehicles from the City Center


Scrap Vehicles Removed from the City Center: Kilis Municipality removed the scrap vehicles in the city center and taken to the asphalt construction site.

Deputy Mayor Mehmet Ali Eryılmaz, asphalt and patch work continues, stating, ın asphalt pavement scrap vehicles are our biggest problem. Because of these tools, our teams cannot work comfortably. For this reason, we are removing the scrap vehicles left in the streets in the city center with the help of a crane and bringing them to the asphalt construction site. We make necessary warnings to the owners. In spite of all our warnings, we remove the vehicles of those who do not remove scrap vehicles as municipalities. We are removing asphalt patching in order to prevent our works. Falt

Eryilmaz, scrap vehicle owners want to remove their own tools and tools, he added.



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