25 TCV Carat Diesel buses to Şanlıurfa

25 TCV Karat Diesel buses to Şanlıurfa: Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality received 25 Karat Diesel buses from TCV.
Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality, with the new delivery of 25 pieces TCV Karat Diesel buses, economic and comfortable transportation services are increasing. The 12 meter-long TCV Diesel buses stand out with their high passenger capacity.
Turkey's top passenger buses with a capacity of TCV carat Diesel, sitting 27, 72 99 total standing passengers. With its modern design, it has super low base TCV Carat Diesel buses developed for contemporary city life, Euro 5 diesel engine, Allison fully automatic transmission and tropical air conditioning equipment. With its super low base, TCV Diesel is designed to enable passengers with physical disabilities to travel safely and comfortably in terms of both in-car circulation and ease of stroke and riding.
Mr. Hüseyin Alagöz, Head of Transportation Department of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they have a public transportation garage with 25 pieces TCV Diesel buses. They said X We focused on public transportation in order to develop transportation solutions in Şanlıurfa. 250 after London in Europe. and we did it the first and only NFC use in Turkey. In addition to being a city that exceeds the obstacles in public transportation, we follow an environmentally sensitive policy. Due to the climatic conditions in Şanlıurfa, we attach great importance to the fact that all of our vehicles have strong air conditioners in public transportation. We always offer services with young vehicles and we are developing many new projects. For example, in the use of public transportation Urfakart The province has shown the highest increase in population since the beginning of the project, our province was Şanlıurfa. As part of these efforts, we are able to provide a more comfortable transportation to our Urfa people by adding 2 to our fleet of TCV Diesel buses. Bu
In the long run, we will have our public transportation solution, Trambus
Underlining that they will use their investments in the long-term Trambus, Alagöz said, yatırım We are planning to provide transportation services with trambus, which are electrically operated in the main lines, economical in energy consumption and designed for the comfort of passengers. We plan to use our diesel buses in connection lines in the main lines of Trambus working with zero emission target. Ile
TCV General Manager Aytunç Günay stated that they have closely followed up the activities of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality in terms of public transportation. Ler TCV meets the expectations of both the efficiency and savings of local governments in the best way. In this direction, a pioneer municipality like Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality also makes us proud to prefer our TCV Karat Diesel buses, which are comfortable for passengers, high in passenger capacity and fuel-efficient for all passengers, Diz he said.



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