Şahinbey Municipality has left the unpaved road

Sahinbey Municipality did not leave the unpaved road: Asphalt free way to go asphalt and road work since the day they said that they attach great importance to the Mayor Mehmet Bey, Mehmet Tahmazoglu, within the boundaries of the district is not asphalt, he said.
Mayor Tahmazoğlu, who examined the asphalting works on the newly opened zoning roads in the Yeditepe District, and the residents of the district sohbet He.
Noting that they have been attaching great importance to asphalt and road works since the day they started to work as Şahinbey Municipality, Mayor Tahmazoğlu said, “Currently there is no place for asphalting within the boundaries of our district. In our Yeditepe district, we are doing renovation of the old asphalted asphalt.
In addition, asphalt roads and newly opened zoning roads.
We have completed our asphalt works in Mavikent residences in Mavikent District. Now we will start the asphalting work on our Sahinbey Sanayi site. We have renewed ninety percent on previously constructed and degraded roads. We are working on ten percent of the renovation needs.
After these studies, we will give all our weight to the regions where we have recently opened zoning. ”

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