Response to the cancellation of train services

Trains canceled Response: 2 times per week plying and Bingol, which is an important means of transport for the Young district of Van Lake Express, Tatvan-Mus due to renovation works road construction started between passenger transport time to the cancellation of the citizens react gösterdi.türki the Republic The 5th Regional Directorate of Railways (TCDD) announced that the rails were renewed in the 50-kilometer area between Bahçetepe and Tatvan.

It has been announced that there will be no railway access between Elazığ and Tatvan during the 3 month. Citizens who pointed out that the study was made only between Tatvan and Mus, said that trains should continue until Moush, not up to Elazığ. Elazığ-Muş between the many places of transportation is provided only by rail transport citizens, because of the situation has experienced great grievances, he said. Citizens appealing to the authorities, Elazig, Palu, Young and Mus, because of the absence of any studies between Muş'a should continue until the expedition, he said.

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