Pirellinin Web Site Renewed

Pirellinin Web Site Renewed: Premium tire segment leader Pirelli, renewed the website. renewed pirelli.com.t isWith its design, user-friendly interface and mobile compatibility. Visitors to the site, the interactive 'personal tire descriptor' application in the 5 step, the vehicle can choose the most appropriate tire.
Not only with its campaigns, but also with the adaptation to technological developments, Pirelli renewed its web site. Another feature of the new website, which reflects the importance of Pirelli to renewal and change, is that it has become more mobile compatible. With the completion of the design and renovation works that have been going on since January, pirelli.com.tr is now easier to navigate through the pages and access information about the services.
On the Pirelli's renewed site, visitors can choose the tire that is best suited to their car in the 5 step with an interactive 'personal tire identifier' application, while providing easy driving tips and driving tips to help drivers in harsh conditions such as wet ground, snowy ground and off road.
Pirelli, including information about the current information and attractive campaigns on the site air pressure, tire reading, as well as all the details that need to know about the tire is included. While visitors can easily access information about prices, they can easily take advantage of the application, which shows fuel saving values ​​according to tire label information. Users visiting the site can easily access information about the nearest 'Pirelli Authorized Dealer' via the map.


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