Palandökende Ski in May (Photo Gallery)

Skiing in Palandöken in May: While swimming in the western and southern provinces, people of Erzurum still enjoy skiing at Palandöken Ski Center.

With the warming of the weather, interest in Palandöken, which is 6 kilometers away from the city center and 3 meters above sea level, has increased even more. The group of 156 people from various professions had a different day in Palandöken, the favorite ski resort of winter tourism. Ski lovers who climbed to the peaks of Palandöken with their automobiles in the first week of May, skied and snowboarded. Ski lovers who climbed between the green and white colors of Palandöken for about 8 hour and reached the summit of Ejder, enjoyed skiing on the approximately 1-kilometer long track.

Cengiz Kaya stated that after the ski season was closed on April 15, they continue to ski again every weekend, “Beach and sea in the west, ski and snow in Erzurum. It's a wonderful feeling. We are waiting for those who can't get enough of skiing to Palandöken. While climbing Ejder Hill, we take the best walk for health. After a little breathing, we enjoy the snow to the fullest with a magnificent descent under the burning sun ”.

Ski equipment seller Selim Alaftargil described skiing as the privilege of Palandöken in May. Selim Alaftargil said, “We will close the ski season with Father's Day in Palandöken. Until that day, we are in Palandöken every weekend. We are waiting for everyone who cannot get enough of skiing. It is very enjoyable to ski in this season. We want everyone to experience this joy and happiness, ”he said.