Luxury Guest House Destroyed by a Transformer in Palandoken Ski Center

Luxury Guest House Built under the Name of Transformer in Palandöken Ski Center Demolished: Aras Elektrik A.Ş., a subsidiary of TEDAŞ, to Palandöken Ski Center. The luxury guesthouse, intended to be built under the name of 'for transformer guard' by Palandöken Municipality, was demolished as a result of the determined attitude of Palandöken Municipality.

During the 2011th World Universities Winter Games in 25, Aras Elektrik A.Ş., a subsidiary of TEDAŞ, to the hotels area in Palandöken Ski Center. The building, which was illegally built by the company into the treasury land, was sealed by the Palandöken Municipality. Palandöken Municipality fined 60 thousand lira for the luxury guesthouse built by the municipal council under the name of 'for the transformer guard'. In order to stop the demolition decision of the assembly, Aras Elektrik A.Ş. Applied to the Regional Administrative Court. The court found the municipality right and decided to demolish the building. Upon the decision, the two-storey luxury guesthouse, built at an altitude of 2 of Palandöken Ski Center, was destroyed by the municipal teams.

Stating that they are taking action on illegal buildings upon the letter of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Mayor of Palandöken, Orhan Bulut from the AK Party, said:

“Transformers are not licensed. If any place is built next to it, it is subject to that license. They wanted to establish a social facility under the name of transformer in Palandöken and Konaklı. Aras Elektrik A.Ş. we asked the officials why they were doing such a thing. They said that they were making a place for the transformer staff to stay. Isn't it strange to build a two-storey building with 10 rooms and a kitchen for a guard? We sealed the building under the name of Transformer because it did not have a license and made a demolition decision. However, we took court with the other party. When the court found us right, we realized the demolition decision. But the two adjacent transformers were not touched. If we had allowed TEDAŞ, other institutions would also establish social facilities such as slums in Paladöken and Konaklı. The lawsuit filed against the other facility in Konaklı continues. As the municipality, we will never allow illegal buildings in Palandöken and Konaklı. "

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:31

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