The Odd-Izmir Break Train Tickets in 10 Zam

10 Zam: 6 pays the day to the train between Izmir and Odemis - TCDD, which connects Ödemiş to Izmir by day, has been paid a percentage of 10 to be valid from the beginning of the first week of May. The new price of the full ticket between Ödemiş-Basmane, which was previously 7,5 lira, was 8 lira 25 kuruş.

In recent years, with the renewal work and the new machines introduced in the interest of increasing interest in the train service ticket prices increased yesterday. According to the new tariff reported to the citizens with the notice board at Ödemiş new station, the price of the full ticket between Ödemiş and Basmane rose to 8 kuruş. The ticket price of 25 lira was increased by one hundred 7,5. The ticket price for Basmane also rose to 10 pound.


N 20 discount tickets, i 13-26 age, young people, teachers, soldiers, TCDD employees and their families and press card holders benefited from the price of the discount ticket 6 pounds 6,5 pounded. 65 50 is the 4 TL 25 discount for the price of 6 discount tickets for individuals and children over the age of XNUMX. On the weekends and full holidays, an additional flight is available on the Ödemiş-Basmane line during the weekdays on a daily basis.




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