Istanbul's new metro lines will fly these areas

Istanbul's new subway lines will fly in these regions: Halkalı, Bahçeşehir, Ispartakule and Mahmutbey; great value with the city's new metro network kazanwill ache.

Construction companies such as İhlas Yapı, Artaş Group, Şua Construction and Ağaoğlu Halkalı - Mahmutbey line is increasing its value every day.

In these regions, which have already attracted all eyes with Istanbul's new metro network, the demand for new housing projects is increasing rapidly, and the projects where life begins are rapidly increasing in value. kazanhe's eating. In these regions, where the population is increasing with new housing projects, projects such as schools, hospitals and shopping malls are also rising one by one. These regions, whose population is increasing day by day, constitute the most important points of Istanbul's 2023 rail plan.

Giant step starting with Marmaray
The most important step of the city's new metro network was laid with Marmaray. 76 km long and Gebze-Halkalı The 13.6 km-long Ayrılıkçeşme-Kazlıçeşme stage was put into service on October 29, last year. Over 15 million passengers have been transported in the past period. Project from Kazlıçeşme HalkalıThe train traffic was temporarily suspended for the 19 km long section up to. With the dismantling of the old structures, preparations are currently being made for line expansion works on the route. HalkalıIn the project, where 10 stations will be built from to Kazlıçeşme, the existing 2-line railway will be extended to 3 lines and the 3rd line will be used for high-speed trains. Thus, a high-speed train departing from Ankara, passing through Marmaray HalkalıIt will go until. This situation Halkalı It will transform the station into a terminal and replace Haydarpaşa Train Station.

Basaksehir - Ispartakule area on the rise
Halkalı Other rail system projects important for the region are; The 3rd Airport, which is studied in order to connect the 3rd Airport to the north of Istanbul with the city center.Halkalı Metro Project. The route of this line is designed to pass through Olimpiyatköy and Kayaşehir and go to Arnavutköy district from the shore of the Sazlıdere Dam and reach the 3rd Airport. The project will also be integrated with the high-speed train line that will pass through the 3rd Bridge. Accordingly, the high-speed train departing from Ankara turns north after Izmit and passes the 3rd Bridge and takes the Odayeri-Başakşehir route. Halkalıwill reach. This line will be an alternative to Marmaray Tube Passage and passengers can go directly to intermediate stops such as Gebze, Pendik, Söğütlüçeşme and Bakırköy. HalkalıThey will be able to go to in a shorter time. A new station project in Başakşehir region is also being designed for this line.

Launched the new stage of the project as “Metro Pro
In Ispartakule, which has an important share in the new metro network, many housing projects are of great value. kazanhe's eating. İhlas Yapı, the largest investor in the region, launched the new phase of Bizim Evler 6 project under the name “Metro”. Bizim Evler Metro, located at the Ispartakule exit of the new metro line, has been attracting great attention since the day it was put up for sale.

Pre-demand is collected at advantageous prices in Brooklyn Park
Pre-demand started to be collected in Brooklyn Park, which is positioned as a symbol in the renewal of Fikirtepe. There is already intense demand for the project implemented in 'Yeni Fikirtepe' in partnership with Selimoğlu Group and Pana Yapı. The pre-demand total process has started before the launch of Yeni Fikirtepe's symbol project in Brooklyn Park. Those who want to own an apartment in Brooklyn Park, which was implemented by Selimoglu Group and Pana Yapı, will benefit from advantageous prices between May 1 and May 10, They will be able to make a pre-request at.

The long-awaited launch of Brooklyn Park will be held on May 14th. Those who make preliminary demands before the launch will be able to own flats with advantageous prices starting from 5.500 TL for a limited number of flats.

The project is in the most popular spot of Yeni Fikirtepe, right next to the E5 and TEM highways, two Metro Stations,
It is located right at the entrance of the Eurasia Auto Tunnel, which will open in 2016 with the Metrobus and Marmaray connection. Due to its location, Brooklyn Park has a fast and easy transportation opportunity between the two ends of Istanbul and the historical peninsula.

Construction sector has been lifted
Rise after the local elections, the construction industry has entered a lively period. Spring activity in the construction industry continues at full speed. In April, 15 different projects were launched. The sector, which has made a tight entry into May, seems to continue the same dynamism this month. In Istanbul Kadıköy With Fikirtepe axis HalkalıThe button was pressed for new projects in areas close to Atatürk Airport such as Sefaköy and Ataköy. After Kiptaş turned to Hadımköy region, Demir İnşaat put its new project in the same region for sale. The total investment cost of the projects launched only in April exceeds 4 billion lira.

Commenting on the dynamism in the sector, Housingder President Ömer Faruk Çelik stated that offering the projects for sale at discounted and reasonable prices is effective in the mobility. Steel; “Due to the Gezi process, December 17, the elections, people left the market and concentrated on politics. What happened after the elections was realized with the improvement of this mood. People were relieved when they felt that there would be no serious crisis in the market and politics. This comfort Now the election has been removed from the agenda and returned to his normal life. Compared to the first quarter of 2014 and the first three months of this year, it is seen that the first-hand house sales in Istanbul have decreased by 14 percent, but despite this, the interest in new projects that have been launched in the sector is high ”.

Loft Dragos project with blue and green views of Erguvan İnşaat- Demirbaş Yapı Partnership is on sale! Erguvan İnşaat Demirbaş Yapı Partnership, which has previously implemented housing projects named WBahçe and WRoof in the Kurtköy region, has rolled up its sleeves for the third project. This time, the partnership chose the Dragos region.
The third project of Erguvan İnşaat Demirbaş Yapı Partnership, Loft Dragos, was showcased at the press conference held the other day. The Loft Dragos project, which is planned to be delivered to its owners in May 2016, consists of 100 residences and 350 commercial unit with an area of ​​1 square meters. In the project, which includes 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 apartment options, the prices vary between 300 thousand TL and 931 thousand TL.

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