New housing, new roads


New residences, new roads: Başiskele Municipality continues the asphalt patching and hot asphalt works at the points needed in the scope of road maintenance and repair works. Başiskele is becoming more and more beautiful with its paths, sidewalks, parks and gardens and social activities. The change observed in the work carried out and the satisfaction of the citizens attract attention.
In Başiskele, which is suitable for reconstruction of modern residences, the superstructure and superstructure works are carried out quickly by Başiskele Municipality teams. With the demands coming from the citizens and the new ways opened in accordance with the instructions of Başiskele Mayor Hüseyin Ayaz, the existing roads are being improved.
Following the asphalting works carried out by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Başiskele Municipality on the main streets, the teams worked on Asphalt on Damas Mahallesi Hacı Aslan Street. In the study carried out in the second part, the teams launched 2 thousand 3 tons of wear asphalt on the road of 500 mileage. Başiskele'da asphalt work reveals the changes in the district Hüseyin Ayaz inspecting the work done at Hürriyet Street Mayor Hüseyin Ayaz, the people of the neighborhood does not neglect to take the thoughts. Citizens express their happiness because of the work done.

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