Muşta overpasses waiting to be used

Muşta overpasses are waiting to be used: the highways on the Muş-Bitlis and Muş-Bingöl highways built by pedestrians, the driver and officials reacted.
Highways 113. Branch Chief Sulhattin Ömeroğlu warned the citizens on the use of overpasses on intercity roads.
Omeroglu, said in a statement, to ensure the safety of pedestrians pedestrian traffic on four different areas of pedestrian traffic are overpasses, but the passageways are not used by pedestrians, he said.
Noting that pedestrians should obey the rules, Ömeroğlu stated that before there was an overpass, citizens constantly criticized the grounds that there were no overpasses on intercity roads, but that they could not understand the use of crossings after the overpass was built.
Ömeroğlu said, “We built the overpasses for the safety of pedestrians. However, we see that it is not used by pedestrians. Even where the overpass is located, citizens cross over the highway. These overpasses were built for our citizens. "Everyone must obey the traffic rules and where there is an overpass, an overpass should be used."
Ömeroğlu reminded that if a vehicle strikes a pedestrian in the region where the crossing is located, the crime will be completely on the pedestrian, noting that the state has done its part, and that no one has the right to jeopardize the traffic and violate the rules.
On the other hand, Salih Kılıç, President of the Chamber of Drivers and Cars in Muş, reacted to the pedestrians not using overpasses and said, “Crossing the road where the overpass is located means violating traffic rules. "Nobody should be allowed to violate the rules out of sight."

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